Bertie's Story

Bertie was born on in October 2001 and was a lovely well natured Bull Terrier and was with a very lovely family. He was very friendly with my Bull Terrier Pearl and went for walks together whenever they could.
One day Bertie became unwell and stopped eating he began drinking more water than usual and he also became subdued, my friend asked if I could come and have a look at him. I said to him that maybe he had just had an off day. The next day he ate some chicken and we thought he was ok but the next day he was off his food again, my friend called me over again because his breath was smelling, I could not go so my wife went instead, on her return she said his breath was very smelly and had advised them to see a vet.
The vet admitted him and said to leave him with them as they had tests to do to find out what was wrong with him. My friend returned the following day and was told they are awaiting the results to come back from the lad, he asked what tests they had done they said blood tests etc. and a Creatinie test.
I went to see my friend that evening he told me about the tests, I asked what was a Creatinie test he said it was a test to check the kidneys. We then decided to have a look on the internet to find out more, we found that the breed was susceptible to kidney failure and Bertie was showing the symptoms.
The next day my friend asked the vet how dogs get kidney failure he said it is a genetic problem that is passed on, he said take Bertie home and bring him back on Monday when he will have the results. I went to see now he was coming home, well what I saw was a sight like I had never seen before, he was ok in the head but behind he was about as fat as a greyhound, you could see his ribs it was awful.
My wife was in tears, so was my friend and his wife, we could not believe such a drastic change in a dog so quickly. We went back over on Saturday and Bertie was upstairs lying on the bed his breath was now very smelly he licked my hand and put his paw on my arm, his paw was having spasm's. I asked why he was upstairs my friend said it was his daughter's 17th birthday and he did not want her to see Bertie like that.
On Sunday we called over again and my friend then told the family that Bertie may have kidney failure and that he might not live very long, they all broke down then one by one gave him a cuddle and said they would prey the tests were in his favor. Monday came and my friend returned to the vets and they told him Bertie's levels were high and they had a discussion as to what was best for Bertie, Bertie never returned home.


Run Free sweet Bertie, you have taught so many so much, you have not gone so young in vain.

Forever loved by family and friends.



B.....Bull Terriers





Written by Eddie Hamilton (a very good friend of Alan, Bertie's dad)





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