Adopted by us from rescue on 21-09-04 went to sleep in my arms on 17-10-05



My Daisy was so special to me, she was a unique little girl who I will never forget.

She was amazing and I would give up everything I own to have her back with me.

Her paw prints are deep within in my heart.


My bullie my friend wherever you are
Youíll always be with me no matter how far
Iíll never forget the good times we had
They will help me pull through when times are sad
I never thought you would ever leave
Your loss to me I will forever grieve
My bullie I love you, I want you to know
You are in my heart and will never go
I will wait till the day when weíll meet again
To see your face will ease my pain
In my heart you will live forever
In my thoughts we are still together
Cuddling playing and fooling around
Like friends we are forever bound
So goodbye Daisy my bullie my friend
Iíll wait till the day when we are together again

Loving you always Louise xXx


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