27th  August 2000 - 5th august 2003

In Loving memory of my Dotty

Safe in my heart forever

Love you always and forever mummy Di


For my Dottie

Oh, my gosh, what's this I see?
Another two legged creature standing over me.
Maybe, this time, I'll be the one,
As I have watched my litter mates go, one by one.

At eight weeks old, I know nothing of humans,
But I'm going to like this one, at least I'm assuming'
She knows how to love me and keep me safe from harm,
And I know, with this family, I'll be happy and warm.

My family loves to go camping and so do I,
So much freedom and peace under the clear, sunny sky.
I'd rather do nothing than play in the sun,
Long walks, lots of love, and I just romp and run.

Tonight, as we do my next favourite thing,
Which is taking a walk, I'm so happy I could sing.
Please let me take Girl's leash in my mouth,
I can walk her ... which way? ... north or south?

Gee, mom and dad, this is fun, but I'm so tired,
I can't seem to walk, my feet seem to be mired,
Just let me rest for a minute, I plead,
I'll be ready to go real soon, your voices to heed.

What's wrong? Why can't I get up and play?
Mom's crying so hard, I hate seeing her this way.
She's holding me and I want to tell her it's okay,
But Rainbow Bridge is calling me this day.

As we wait for a visit from the vet,
I slip quietly away and yet,
I wish I could stay with this family of mine,
three years is just not enough time!

My breeder didn't care about such things as good breeding,
All she wanted was money...all the warnings not heeding.
I hope she knows all the grief she has caused,
For the humans who loved me from my nose to my paws.

It is at Rainbow Bridge I now wait,
And when my family finally comes to the gate,
I will be whole again, and so will they,
In the meantime, we just wait for that glorious day.


Read Dotties Story here


Di was reunited with her Dottie in January 2007 after sadly losing her brave battle against cancer. A truly great woman who will be very sadly missed by many.





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