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Updated - February  2013

  About Us:  
  Welcome to the Arcazy website - We are Susie & Debbie (Mother & Daughter) We live in Kent UK.  We are owned by 5 Miniature Bull Terriers, Tiffany a 9 year old Tri who is a PLL sufferer, Tiffany lives with my youngest daughter Kelly & her family. Phoebe a Brindle & White 4 year old whom we show, Zach a White dog who is just our crazy lap dog,  May a brindle & white girl from Phoebe's 2012 litter & Little Pea a lovely brindle with white who lives with my eldest daughter Donna. We hope to be able to campaign May during 2013. We have also owned Bull Terriers in the past & and quite often we have LAD (Zincies) whom we adopt living within our family. Our main interests in Both Miniature and Standard Bull Terriers today is the health & temperament issues bullies suffer with.     

We adore Bull Terriers and as the saying goes - 'Once a bully always a bully' - No other breed will do!


Our affix 'Arcazy' is an anagram of crazy plus an 'a' to keep the flow - You really do have to be a bit crazy to love this crazy breed!


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 Susie Wiles


Debbie Wiles and Susie Wiles



  It would be nice to see all breeds as a rarity in welfare and rescue centres up and down the country. If every puppy buyer bought only from reputable breeders who use contracts, take back any dogs they have bred if they can no longer stay in the home, tattoo or microchip pups before they leave them and offer lifelong after care then there would be far less in rescue. Please do your part and ensure you use a reputable breeder who offers those things. Remember a breeder cannot breed without pet homes as much as we would all like to be able to have all our dogs shown it just isn't feasible, so pet homes are always needed, even by the best breeders in the top kennels. This advice of course goes out to any breeders and those of you new to breeding, please do your part in helping to keep welfare numbers down by health testing your breeding stock, micro chipping or tattooing your puppies and endorsing pedigree's not for export and progeny cannot be registered, at least until all health checks have been passed and you are satisfied with new owners motives.  
  Please remember if you are looking for an older dog there are many under the care of the welfare trust. www.bullterrierwelfare.org.uk  

We hope you enjoy our website and come back for further updates on our bullies as well as any current health issues, Please feel free to email us if you think we can help you in any wayarcazybts@aol.com  





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