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May 2010



Miniature Bull Terrier Show Dates 2012




DNA Profiled with the Kennel Club ~ Tattooed & Microchipped

Phoebe's Health checks updated February 2012:

  • PLL Status by DNA  = Carrier
  • Eye Check by Ophthalmologist = Normal
  • Heart Checked by Auscultation, ECG & Colour Doppler = Normal
  • Kidneys Checked by UPC = 0.08 Normal
  • Kidneys Scanned for PKD = Clear
  • Patella's Checked by veterinarian = Normal
  • BAER Test = Normal hearing in both ears
  • Perfect Mouth


We had planned to get a puppy around spring 2008 but a very good mating produced an excellent litter and we would have been silly to not have considered a puppy - So Early December 2007 we bought home little Phoebe and we would like to thank Maria Adaway (Adderswood) for allowing us to have Phoebe. It was a difficult choice as all the puppies were absolutely stunning but we believe we made the right one. Its also really lovely to see Phoebe's sister Katy in the ring as well.

Phoebe is a production of a lot of thought, and years of a lot more hard work within the interbreeding program, and from over 10 years of health tested ancestors.

Phoebe is one of seven puppies and have all be named after Rugby players - pretty cool names after the the Rugby World Cup was being played at the time of there birth. The name Phoebe means Shining and radiant or "Moon Goddess". She is very confident and extremely happy little girl, she loves everyone and anyone and adores being around other dogs, she is extremely gentle around any puppies or LAD babies we have in and takes great care of them at all times. She doesn't sulk for to long when she has been told off. Phoebe is very cheeky and a huge amount of fun, Phoebe thinks everyday is a party no matter where she goes she just wants to make friends (skin or fur) and play, play and play some more. We thoroughly enjoy having Phoebe in our home and our lives and as much as we hope she does well in the ring we wouldn't change her personality for the world, she is just the perfect companion, we never stop laughing with this little fruitloop running around and love having her curled up on a lap fast asleep.  Phoebe nicknames are Fifi, Fifi Fooker and more commonly used Flea!!

Phoebe has done really well during her puppy show career, we have shown her at 9 shows between May and September in puppy class, she has been placed 1st in 7 shows and taken Best Puppy In Breed at 6, she has Reserve Best Bitch in two shows and a Reserve CC which gave her a stud book number at just 9 months old, she was also placed 3rd in Bournemouth champ show Puppy Groups and her last class as a puppy at the London & Home Counties Terrier Club she didn't just take Best Puppy in Breed she also took Best of Breed and then Best Puppy in Show. What a fantastic way to finish puppy classes. We hope Phoebe continues to do well in her show career during 2009/20010.

Phoebe is continuing to do well in the show ring and at this point (July 2010) she has two CC's. She has only attended a few shows this year due to other commitments. We hope she continues to do well and gains her 3rd CC to make her a Champion over the coming 12 months at the few shows we are able to attend.

Whatever the outcome we will continue to enjoy showing Phoebe and we will always bring the best dog home ;)

At 2 years old Phoebe is just a tad over 14 inches, she has a perfect mouth and has matured beautifully into what we believe is a good standard of the breed and worthy of being in the show ring & anyone who has met her cannot deny she has a fabulous temperament as well.

October 2009 Phoebe was DNA tested for PLL her result is  'Carrier' of the PLL gene. It is fantastic news to know she is not affected, and with careful breeding will NOT produce any affected puppies. We will breed her early 2011 to a PLL clear dog, all puppies will be DNA tested for PLL and we will co own any carriers to protect theirs and the breeds future.

Phoebe gave us 2 beautiful puppies on 22nd March 2011, both puppies are PLL Clear by DNA. These puppies can be seen on our litters page.



You can follow Phoebe's results for 2009/10 on Champ Dogs ~ Phoebe's Results







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