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Bull Terrier Rescue & Welfare


(A list of rescue organisations are at the bottom of this page)

There are many bullies and bully crosses in rescue centres up and down the country, each looking for a very special forever home. You have to consider a lot of things before taking on a rescue as some come with no history at all. You will need to put in a lot of time and effort and dedication and must expect there to be some teething problems that will need to be tackled with gentle training and/or guidance from the rescue centre, the foster carer or even a behaviourist. So rescue kennels have to be very careful how they are placed and usually have rules or guidelines that they like to follow, the dogs welfare has to be the most important thing. So do not be put off if a rescue ask you heaps of questions they are purely looking out for the dogs best interest. And of course you can also ask as many questions as you like to ensure the right dog is placed with you.

If you have young children you need to think very carefully about a rescue bully from a rescue or pound with no history as this could be dangerous due to the nipping and jumpiness and boisterousness of normal bullies and the last thing a rescue dog needs is to be returned to the pounds with "aggressive" tagged to his/her name which could hinder a forever home or even lead to the dog being PTS.

(For instance young children may excite the dog too much - no matter how much they are told not to - dog jumps on kids in play, nips at their clothes/fingers as bullies can do, parents panic - dog is back in rescue branded with a bad temperament...worst case scenario could end with dog being PTS!) 

This is why some rescues have a policy for the age of children within a family wanting to adopt. It might be worth thinking about going to a breeder for an ex breeding dog where all the relevant history is known and a breeder will be in a better position to advise on whether the dog is suitable around your children

You may be able to offer a forever home to an ex breeding dog, or a youngster that hasn't quite turned out as a breeder had hoped for show or breeding programs, you will need to contact breeders to find out if they have any dogs available. There are very occasionally young bullies in rescue so of course its always worth enquiring or being put on a waiting list, if you are on a list and find a bully in the meantime please let the rescue centre know as this will save them unnecessary costs of telephone calls.

The Meaning of Welfare

Now that I'm home, bathed, settled and fed,
All nicely tucked up in my warm new bed,
I'd like to open my baggage, lest I forget,
There is so much to carry, so much to forget.
Hmm….. there it is, right on the top,
Let's unpack Loneliness, Heartache and Loss,
And there by my leash hides Fear and Shame,
As I look on these things I tried so hard to leave,
I still have to unpack my baggage called Pain.
I loved them, the others, the ones who left me,
But I wasn't good enough, for they didn't want me,
Will you add to my baggage?
Will you help me unpack?
Or will you just look at my things
And send me right back?
Do you have the time to help me unpack?
To put away my baggage, to never repack?
I pray that you do, I'm so tired you see,
But I do come with baggage,
Will you still want me?

Posted on Animal-Rescuers.com

Below is a list of some rescues who deal with bull breeds in the UK.

















More rescue centres that may have bull breeds or small terriers are listed on Dog Rescue pages





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