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Tiffy is our first mini bully and our introduction to the world of crazy bullies, Tiffy is a well marked Tri and absolutely gorgeous. I had always admired bull terriers but waited until my children had grown up before deciding on owning one. I had originally wanted a standard  but at the time of deciding my youngest daughter then 17 was extremely ill with a life threatening illness and would not have been strong enough to cope with a standard BT, so we decided on a mini bully so that she would be able to enjoy her as much as we would. Tiffy turned out to be a blessing in disguise and we believe gave Kelly the will to get better as she soon gained strength and eventually overcame her illness, she and Tiffy are almost joined at the hip and it's a real pleasure seeing them together. Tiffy is named after Kelly's favourite jewellers 'Tiffanys at Bond Street' and she really is a little gem. Tiffany now lives with Kelly and her partner Nick along with their baby Leah whom Tiffany adores.



Tiffy is totally crazy and has many nicknames including  loon, fruit loop, little nutter, little legs, little madam, tinky, tinks, litlun, Princess oh the list goes on, she bully runs (hucklebucks) at a 100mph and crashes backside first into anything and even though she weighs just 12.5kg and stands at about 13 inches to her shoulder she can take you down with one bash at your legs! She flies from sofa to sofa with the grace and agility of a winged Pegasus. She can sit and have a natter with you for absolutely ages! She does not like being ignored and if she is will demonstrate her annoyance very vocally and if still ignored will go and pee on the floor, why? I ask but I know the reply "because I can"!! Tiffy also loves to snuggle up to you and will sit for hours in your lap or belly up on your legs with her legs pointing skywards. She also loves to go out and will walk for miles along the beach or up at the woods, she always has her ball and has great delight in digging it into the sand or mud and then finding a puddle to wash it in before starting again, she will retrieve her ball for as long as you can throw it and never ever seems to tire but as soon as you get home and on the sofa she is fast asleep and snoring for England!

We show Tiffy lightly just for fun we enjoy going to shows and meeting up with friends and making new friends along the way - Spending a day talking about and meeting mini bullies and there owners is always a pleasure and you always learn something new. Tiffy has been shown twice winning a 3rd and a Reserve, but we know we always take the best dog home ;)

Tiffy went to Crufts in March 2007 to represent the breed on the Discover Dogs Bull Terrier (Miniature) stand, we had a really great day out and Tiffy really enjoyed meeting and greeting people. We are extremely proud to be asked to represent the breed on behalf of the Mini Bull Club.

Tiffy will not be bred from as she has been spayed (We do have written KC permission to show her) She had to be spayed because of Ovarian Cysts at 8 months old and in all honesty I would not have bred her due to her Sire having PLL and eventually losing his life to Kidney Disease.

In March 2007 we were given the devastating news that Tiffy had sub luxated, she has PLL, her left lens was neither forward nor backward but just floating and could go either way, her right eye had just begun, we knew if her lens slipped forward the outcome would have in all probability caused Tiffy to lose her eye slipping backwards would allow her the chance to use the Xalatan drops, it was quite a panic as more often then not the lens slips forwards - We only found this out from one of her regular eye checks, she had shown no real signs the only thing I can say in hindsight  is that she had been a quite clingy over the last couple of months and had been less tolerant with other dogs around her and we hadn't connected any of this to PLL. We were given the news and went straight to Juliet Shaw of Badlesmere kennels who we know has a heap of experience in Mini Bull health - She told us to get some Xalatan drops asap and see an ophthalmologist ASAP. We got the news on a Saturday afternoon, found a breeder on Sunday to get drops from and saw the specialist on the Tuesday who gave us the best news we could have heard under the circumstances, Tiff's lens had slipped backwards and was most likely due to the Xalatan as that is what they do, the Xalatan prevent the lens from coming forward so prevent any pressure build up so prevent glaucoma  and the loss of sight or eye. Tiffy will stay on Xalatan for the rest of her life and we know from other mini bullies on Xalatan drops that she will have her sight for years to come. God bless regular eye checks if you have a mini bully regular eye checks (every 6 months and 4 months if it is close in your line) is the best thing you can ever do for them. Information on PLL (Primary Lens Luxation) on our health pages.

We will continue to take Tiffy to mini bull shows and fun days and even discover dogs to show that life with PLL is normal and just as fun as it has always been.

Read 'Life after PLL' written by Dave Mills after one of his mini's went down with PLL




Sitting pretty

Birthday Bullie

Life's a blast!

Down at the beach

Where's mum going?

Big Tri Bully.... Little Tri Bully

Phoebe and Tiffy

My mum went to Mexico and all I got was this lousy hat!!

Taking in the sea air

Snuggle bunnies

Devil in disguise

cooling down

Xmas 2007





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